Sell Toyata Hiace ******New Model with Euro4 Engine ********

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There is a choice of two highly efficient 2.5 D-4D Common Rail direct injection turbo deisel engines with euro4 compliance:

2.5 litre D-4D 120
The 86 kW/117 DIN hp D-4D engine option produces an impressive 294 Nm of torque delivering impressive overtake acceleration.

2.5 litre D-4D 95
The 70 kW/95 DIN hp version of the D-4D engine delivers strong pulling power.

As a versatile load carrier the Hiace is exceptional, but what sets it apart is the carlike driving experience and level of refinement. At the heart of this are two improved D-4D common rail direct injection turbo diesel engines, complying fully with the latest Euro IV emissions regulations, yet delivering more torque and power than ever before.

Hiace drives like a car due to its fully independent suspension which ensures fine ride and handling characteristics. The solid, robust feel is the result of developing an extremely rigid body which eliminates the rattles you would associate with a van or load carrier.

Hiace as a package delivers practical benefits for the owner/operator. And over the longer term, its build quality helps protect your investment.

The two highly efficient D-4D common rail direct injection turbo diesel engines are designed to deliver significant fuel economy which, when combined with Hiaces exceptional durability and reliability, bring the cost of ownership down to a level that makes perfect business sense.

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