Sell Trachycarpus , palm tree

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Dear Sir/Madam::
I from yuanmao-gardening Co, ltd in China. Our company established in 1961, and our company can supply 6,000 tropic plant and palm tree and bonsai and live plant and so on. We have export them to Pakistan, Malaysia, Holand, Germany, Italy, Lebanon , Egypt and so on. We can supply decorative plants indoor and outdoor

Trachycarpus fotunei
Cycas revoluta
Neodypsis decaryi
Phoenix roebelenii
Wodyetia bifureata
Lucky bamboo
Adenium obesum
Pachira macrocarpa
Zamiocal zamifolia
Ficus microcarpa

And so on. You may enter into our webpage. And pls contact me. You will got more and more information. Hope that we can enter into business. Looking forward to your ealiest reply
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