Sell Trachycarpus fortunei, Cycas revoluta & Other Palms.

Trachycarpus fortunei,  Cycas revoluta  &  Other Palms. You May Also Be Interested In: cycas revoluta fortunei revoluta trachycarpus trachycarpus fortunei
We supply well- rerooted Trachycarpus fortunei in bulk at very competitive price. The available size ranges from 0.5-4 meter trunk. We have got abundant experience delivering palms around the world and so you will feel assured in the quality and shape after our professional re-rooting care when they arrive at your local area. We cordially welcome every client to select the palms in the field as you want at the same time, like other clients did already.

Our palms include:

1. Trachycarpus fortunei, 1-4m trunk
2. Cyacas revoluta bulb and tree, 4-10cm ball diameter & 15-70cm trunk.
3. Phoenix roeblenii, 1-1.5m trunk
4. Livistona chinensis, 1-3m trunk
5. Rhapis excelsa/multifida, 0.8-1.5m height
6. Roystonea regia, 1-5m trunk
7. Archontophoenix alexandrae, 1-3m trunk
8. Fishtail and foxtail palms, 1-2m trunk.
9. etc.
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