Sell Trade L/C financing

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Ko Olina Facilitators work with many companies across the globe, in virtually every industry, providing millions of U. S. Dollars in business finance. We understand the value of speed, access, responsiveness and flexibility when providing our clients with a most valuable tool - the ability to Access finance.

Today, K0 Olina Facilitators caters to small and medium-sized businesses by focusing on short term trade finance with opening of Trade Letter of credits. In this manner we help our clients manage their short term cash flow problems and grow their businesses.


Have long billing cycles put a strain on your business cash flow?
Could your business increase sales by offering better terms to your new and larger customers?
Are you spending too much time collecting from slow paying customers and not enough time building your business?
Is the bank turning you down for increased overdraft facilities, despite the excellent conduct of your bank account?
Have you considered turning away new business due to a slow cash flow?

These are challenges many businesses face that can be solved with obtaining Short Term Finance with us opening Letter of Credits.

This access to finance through a L/C allows you to get an advance through your bank - for immediate cash. We open a Letter of Credit with you as a Beneficiary through a World Renowned Financial Hub. This L/C is valid for 90 days and opened through Telex. You get it in 4-5 days. Based on your relationship with your bank  you get the advance (usually 60-90% of the value) to meet your immediate cash flow needs. If your business sells products or services to other businesses or government on credit terms  this can eliminate start-up manufacture costs or long billing cycles that put a strain on you getting other new business. If you are importing  you can use this to issue a Back to Back L/C.