Sell Trading and Private Placement Programs

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For the Trading and/Private Placement Programs, Our Trader/Funds Manager requires a bank instrument, or funds in clients account to commence the process. Our several programs upon request will give a detailed illustration of the process and the requirements. Finally, we have access to a Trade Group that specializes in Hypothecating Assets in the Ground. (Oil, Gas, Gold, Silver etc) . They will also use as assets concentrates of precious minerals and Gem Stones.
We would like to know your position in the deal, mainly concerning the sensitivity of the Trading and Private Placement Programs. Are you a client? What banking instrument or assets do you have for the trading program? Are you RWA to enter funds to your account for this transactions? Are you a broker? How close are you to the client who wants to get into the Trading and Private Placement Programs? We will need the clients contact info if you are not the actual client, the reason is that our trading people would not want to deal with a broker. However, you will be compensated on the FPA if a deal is made but if you stay in the way or negotiate an interest of compensation directly with the client nothing happens.

I hope we can achieve a lucrative venture.

Very strong and serious inquiries.

Thank you