Sell Traffic signal contoller MC-JK-B5

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Typical features:

1, Ultra-long lifetime; our traffic signal control devices were produced in early stage, almost be well in service 20 years at outdoor condition as yet, some keep working in southern area, under extremely bad surroundings (high humidity and high temperature) , some keep working in Northern of China, the dry and low temperature territory. Unnumbered traffic controllers we provided had been put in service more than 10 years.
2, Super-stability; almost our traffic signal controller we provided, their fault did not exceed once per year, if any maintenance request, simply debugging can solve problem completely.
3, All-day effectiveness; we provided traffic signal control system widespread in China; almost 35 provinces have our products well serving for road traffic control locally.
4, Intelligent and serializing product model; from simply 2 phase signal controller up to multi-function controller what can be suitable for complex channels crossing conditions, maximum 96 signal control channels output, with built-in fault detector, signal collection, communication, remote control, intelligent assortative road traffic signal control device, we provide comprehensively full range of those control system, to satisfy varying demands from different clients.

Function briefly presentation

1, Processing unit and OP system: 8 bit , 32 bit processing units, with Linux or Wince OP system.
2, Signal control unit output capacity: 6 channels, 24 channels, 32channels, 48channels, 64channels, 96channels
3, Configuration and control options: (1) LED screen plus mini keyboard built-in, (2) by LCD touch screen input, (3) Negotiate with Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) device, (4) Negotiate with laptop, (5) Remote controlled by long-distance control center

4, Controlling arithmetic and mathematical model: (1) Semi-induction, (2) Full-induction, based on actual traffic flow, (3) Fuzzy algorithm control and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) algorithm

5, System debug: Green light conflict, Red light determine, Vehicle detector fault debug, main board PCBA fault check.

6, Communication model and protocol for long-distance control: RS232 port / local area network (LAN) model / CDMA and GPRS wireless communication model / Serial port protocol / TCP & IP protocol
Brand Name
Jingan Pai
Supply Capacity
100 per Month
Condition of Goods
Brand new
400 x 480 x 220mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
10 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
200~240v or DC 12V
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CBD Paypal
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Warranty Coverage
1 year