Sell Traffic signal contoller MC-JK-C4

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In general:
1, Enable yellow-flash control, manual control, multi segmental period control, vehicle and pedestrian detected control; multi- communication model (LAN, RS232)
2, Privilege administration: Generic user grade, and senior user grade
3, Modulization design style, easy to maintain and upgrade
4, Meet standard GA47-2002 for the Ministry of Public Security of PRC
Technical characteristics:
1, 48 channels traffic signal output, single channel has 5A/220VAC capacity
2, 24 channels output for underground vehicle detectors (option) , 8 channels for pedestrian signal input, conveyance information record per each 5 minutes and able to keep more than 7 days record
3, Has extremely high-accuracy clocker and calendar
4, All data saved in EEPROM, can secure 10 years time when power off
5, 2 standard RS232 serial port, can link to portable modem or other module to consist for on-line control. Able to negotiate with laptop for control scheme settings , also can link to vehicle detector device to consist of intelligent induction control system
6, GPS module (option) , can achieve wireless remote control
7, Anti lightning strike design, well protect control system
8, Power supply: AC200 ~ 240 50Hz
9, Work temperature: -200 ~ +700
10, Storage temperature:-450 ~ +800
11, Construction materials: Stainless steel enclosure and aluminum alloy framework
Brand Name
Jingan Pai
Supply Capacity
100 per Month
Condition of Goods
Brand new
1350 x 760 x 400mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
10 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
200~240v or DC 12V
Terms of Payment
CBD Paypal
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
1 year