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Main control mode:
1, Yellow-flash control:
The four or three yellow lights in the intersection flash at the same time, by the frequency of 1 time per 2 seconds. It can be used on the occasion of low traffic volume at night.
The time from start to finish of this control mode, is set by the user on the panel. The controller will enter and exit the state of yellow-flash automatically according to the set by the user. When there are some malfunctions in the controller (such as the abnormity of circuit) , the system will enter the state of yellow-flash automatically.
2, Halt control:
When the user needs to switch off the output drive due to some conditions, but needs to keep the controller running, this control mode can be used.
3, Manual control:
Manual control mode is suitable for the special occasion in signal control (such as the coming of a privilege platoon) , which set by the user. By using this control mode, the user can give green or red signal to any direction on any condition, so the user can open or close the wayleave of that direction.
4, Basic control:
The traffic signal control plan has been stored in the ROM of the system. So it is high reliability and suitable for the occasion of fixed-time slice. Or when power on, and the user does not set any running plan in the controller, the controller can degrade to run basic control plan.
5, Assumpsit control:
Assumpsit control is that the controller run as the setting running plan, switch on-off time and yellow-flash mode in advance when the controller does not run at up-level control plan because of some malfunctions. The control plan has been kept in the ROM of the controller. There are 10 types in assumpsit control mode, including the control mode for main-minor trunk road and main-main trunk road control. The user can choose one of them, which numbers are 0-9. Assumpsit plans are all of two-phase mode.
6, Time-of-day control:
Each day including 24 hours is divided to many time slices, which number is not more than 20. In time-of-day control plans, the plans which serial numbers are from 1 to 40 are set by the user according to the situation of intersections. In the process of setting plan, all colors of lights can be set independently. Ten plans from No.41 to No.50 are the fixed ones. The states of the ten plans have been stored in the controller, and could not be modified. Only step length can be modified by the user. These ten plans have a higher universality, are suitable for the signal control at normal intersections and junctions of three roads. The user can choose these plans according to actual situations. Three plans from 51 to 53 are halt plans.
(1) In each time slice, the user can choose a plan set in advance to run. (The user set the plan in advance through the keyboard of the controller panel. )
(2) The time slices of each day begin from 00:00 (default) , terminate at 00:00.
(3) When the total time length set in each day is more than 24 hours, the system will display the warning message.
(4) When the time slice transforms, the system will complete the current cycle automatically, and then switch to the new time slice in turn. .
(5) In the same phase, the user can set signal early or late commencement. The delay time changes between 0 and 99 second.
(6) The controller takes 7 days of each week as a running time slice. The user can set the same and different time slice and running plan on the different day. The controller can switch running plans automatically according to the date.
(7) At the special day such as May 1, Oct. 1, New years day, Spring Festival, the user can set the different time slices and running plans.
Time-of-day control is a kind of sequential control in time sequence, and is suitable for the intersections whose traffic volume change is regular.
Main diagnosis function
1, Diagnosis function: the controller has diagnosis, anti-jamming, error-correcting function on the running and modifyment on line.
2, The controller has watchdog in hardware and software.
3, The controller can monitor the signal change sequence, running plan, running time on real time so as to avoid any dead lock in program. In addition, the controller can monitor green conflicts, which are all lines of green signal (including green signal in the same phase and green signal between phases) . When green conflict is monitored, the controller will automatically cut off the output of green signal and enter the state of yellow-flash, so as to ensure the safety of vehicle. When there is phase conflict in process of setting plan, the system will automatically monitor, prohibit the user to input, and display the warning message.
4, When power off, the system will automatically store the program of the user not to miss data.
5, The user can set the length of each step of the controller at will according to geometrical condition and traffic status of each crossing (0-99) .
6, When any channel appears malfunction, the system will automatically display the reactive message.
7, Automatically degrade function: When the controller appears malfunction or the extern circuit appears abnormity, the system will automatically quit current working mode, and degrade to control automatically following with PRI in turn. At the same time, the system display error or alarm. Have degraded to run automatically from the former state, the controller displays alarm.

Capability of input and output:
32 lines of signal output channels. One channel tolerates 5A current.
* Any line of channel do not have fuse, need connect to 5A fuse in addition.

Electric and safe index:
The total power supply: AC input: AC160V-250V 50HZ
1, Switch power supply (control power supply) :
(1) , input: AC160-250V 50HZ
(2) , output: DC5V 15A
(3) , 10ms cut-off compensation
(4) , over-voltage, over-current protection
2, Insulation strength: insulation resistance between AC carry-in terminal and chassis is more than 100MW.
3, Anti-current strength: between AC carry-in terminal and chassis, AC1250V, 1 minute, no phenomena of puncture and flash-over.
4, Direction of the work circumstance:
(1) Operation ambient temperature: -200- +700.
(2) Storage temperature: -450- +800.
(3) Relative humidity: < 96%
(4) Resistance to impact, shock, it can endure concussion and shock of road environm-ents. It can endure concussion and shake by the vehicle on the ordinary running and do not influence the performance of the controller.
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