Sell Transcranial Doppler(COT-044)

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Professional TCD software
2MHz PW probe
4MHz CW probe
Trackball and extension cable
Standard keyboard
Remote control
Ultrasound transmission gel
Power extension
Multi-media speaker
Users manual
(Equipments for option are not listed here; please contact us to learn more)

Functions & Features

Multi-channel Synchronous Detection
Two probes (dual channel) working at the same time detect multi-vessel with the depth of various gates for comparison of the left and right sides and monitoring, especially for critical patients and research.

Automatic Thrombus Detection and Record
With professional thrombus-distinguishing technology, automatically detect and record embolus, synchronous playback of embolus spectrum and audio.

Audio & Spectrum Storage and Playback
Record complete clinical information including audio & spectrum for follow-up and consultation. And all the original dynamic data about multi-depth & multi-vessel can be played back synchronously without time limitation. Under playback status, gain, envelop and some other parameters can be adjusted to obtain the best off-line spectrum and data.

Multi-depth Synchronous Detection
One 2MHz probe may synchronously detect blood flow signals of two or four depths and realize the following functions:
a. To find blood vessel quickly, improve detection efficiency.
b. To compare spectrum of lesion and normal region to help diagnosis of vascular spasm and stenosis.

Auto Report Output and Preview
Some report templates and usual diagnosis opinions are included to improve convenience for doctor to edit diagnosis report, and the report can easily be outputted and used in different computers.

Dynamic Monitoring System
Under dynamic monitoring mode, multi-channel & multi-depth work mode could be chosen, and tend diagram of dynamic monitoring is helpful for doctor to evaluate cerebral hemodynamics of the patient.

Monitoring Headband
Considerately designed with hard material by TCD expert. It can help monitoring probes to be fixed well. It is very easy to install and operate, and effect of fixing and comfort is much better than normal one with soft material.

Quality Guarantee
All the parts are produced with advanced process, and any details are considered. Even in tough conditions with some other equipments, it can give you fine images and data.