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Transcranial Doppler(TCD) is a new technology none-injury examining encephalic, outside blood vessels pathological changes. It uses low-frequency pulse ultrasonic, penetrates through thin parts and natural skeletal pore of skull to get basis encephali big blood vessel' blood flow signal directly. It can be used to judge blood flow speed, flow direction, wall's elasticity and compliance, blood vessel of brain's peripheral resistance of blood vessels inside and outside of skull. It is a necessary equipment to diagnose cerebrovascular disease at present.

Capability and feature:
Single-channel testing, double ultrasonic probe 2MHz(pulse wave) .4MHz(continuous wave) , it can meet the examination to encephalic, neck and body outside blood vessels.
Conventional examination can directly choose blood vessel to examine on three-dimension rotate WILLIS chart.

It applies the most advanced digital storage technology to live store spectrogram all the time and can playback, spectrogram freeze; it is convenient for doctors to conventionally monitor the spectrogram and review medical records.
Clinical conventional examination is rapid, convenient and easy to operate. Under online condition, it can be adjusted plus, blood flow direction, sampling depth, ultrasonic strength, zero line, surveyor's staff and scanning rate as you like.

Examination parameters are full. Under online condition, it can display blood flow two direction's period of contraction peak flow rate, diastasis flow rate, average flow rate, PI index, RI index and S/D proportion any time.
Advanced operation flow setup, doctors can set operation flow according to their own examination procedures.
There are every age group's sex normal parameters stored in the computer, which are examined by domestic famous TCD experts, under online situation examination, if some parameter over normal range, it will warn by color.

Rich offline post-processing function. It can re-modify and re-store the blood flow spectrums that are already stored, such as re-examine blood flow rate by hand movement, adjust blood flow direction, zero line and plus and so on. It has functions such as word and chart marking to spectrum, spectrum playback, delete useless spectrums.
Medical records data management function is great. It can be inquired rapidly. Large-volume hard disc can store tens of thousands spectrum data can it can use floppy disc to store.
It has a unique TCD diagnosis report mode. Any spectrum chart print, call examination technology data and analysis parameters can be completely printed.

Standard configuration:

Probe frequency: 2MHz pulse wave (PW)
4MHz continuous wave (CW)

Display: 17 inch purely plane display

Printer: imported colored spray-ink printer

Two stereo loudhailer ( sound can be adjusted )

Solid streamline slide work station

transmitting power: pulse wave power: 1%-300% continuous & adjustable

continuous wave power: 1%-120% continuous & adjustable

sampling depth: within 1-192mm scale, continuous set

sampling volume: within 1-20mm scale, continuous set

scanning speed: slow rate, mid rate, high rate three ranks adjustable

staff guage set: four ranks adjustable

display modes: rate, frequency

plus: 1-7 step-by-step plus modulation section

frequency: 256 dot FFT

optional components:

multi-function double-team control buggy switch

remote control system

clinical application:

blood vessel of brain straitness and obstruction

cerebral arteriosclerosis

temporary cerebral ischemia outbreak(TIA)

cerebral infarction (thrombus or embolism)

artery blood supply shortage

encephalic vasculitis pathological changes


internal diseases blood vessel of brain damage

cerebral arteries and vena encephali malformation

moyamoya disease

subclavian artery bleeding:

judge blood vessel of brain functions

collateral branch circulatory function

cerebral blood flow automatic modulation functions

blood vessel of brain relaxation & shrink reflection ability

vessel active medicine's influence to cerebral blood flow

result judgment to various cerebrovascular diseases therapy measures

Cerebral blood flow judgment to various physical and pathologic conditions