Sell Transcranial Doppler with Robotic Probe(TCD)

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Innovative Transcranial Doppler (TCD) with ISO , CE and FDA certificate, automatically search and track signals with Robtic Probe

Transcranial Doppler (TCD) is kind of medical equipment that uses non-invasive technique to obtain the information of blood flow velocities throughout the body. This method of measurement is particularly useful for examining the major arteries supplying blood to the brain. TCD has a wide application in neurology, neurosurgery, cardio and vasular surgery. It is useful for evaluation of numerous neurological vascular diseases such as vasospasm and intracranial stenosis. TCD is also extremely valuable for intraoperative monitoring to help detect sudden changes in blood flow.

Functions & Features
1. Multi-gate M-mode
Muti active gates of Doppler can be stimultaneously displayed through a multi-depth approach prober. M-mode display simplifies the spectral informtion for each depth to reflect power and direction. Since all the Doppler date is available all the time with M-mode, quick location of vessel and accurate assessment of change are facilitated.

2. Audio& Spectral Date Storage and Playback

3. Professional Emboli Detection
An overall accuracy of 96% in comparsion to human expert observers. The EDS algorithm has a senstivity of 0.93 and specificity 0.98 in discriminating emboli and artifacts.

4. User Configurable Printed Report
Delica-06 provides the most flexible report with customizable report template. Hospital logo and circle of Willis are selectable to display in the report. It is easy to preview, store internally, print directly from system, or export, PD, XML, BMP, WORD, or (optional) DICOM formats are available with the program. .

5. Robotic Probe Best Solution for Monitoring in neurosurgery, cardio, and vascular surgery and so on, allows scanning, tracking, and restoring lost Doppler signal by itself.

Areas of use:
Cardio and Vascular Surgery
Intensive Care
Stroke Unit
Vascular Lab
Neurovascular Lab
Organ Transplantation
Internal Medicine
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7 days
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