Sell Transfer Type Molding Machine for Rubber (Semiautomatic Rubber Injection Molding Machine)

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XZB Series Injection-Compression Molding Machine is design all by our company, it owns two national patent (patent No. ZL03230339.3 and ZL200420022658.4) . As fairly advanced forming equipment for rubber products with compact design, good adaptability and a high level of automation, the XZB series is especially suitable for the production of rubber modules that are complicated in process and difficult in shaping, such as those with metal embeddings, complicated shapes, big sectional areas and thick walls.
The clamping cylinder clamps the form before the injection cylinder evenly injects the gum into the cavity. Therefore, the products have very little brim escapes and accurate geometrical dimensions with even and
The combination of a low-noise internal engaging gear pump and a HP piston pump is controlled by dual-purpose proportional pressure & flow valves. Energy efficiency is achieved with this advanced, rational and reliable oil loop configuration.
XZB series rubber transfer type molding machine(semiautomatic rubber injection molding machine) is our company's original R&D results and has a number of national patents (patent no. :ZL03230397.3 ZL200420110566.1 and ZL200620105181.5) . It is advanced rubber pressure molding equipment with compact structure, wide applicability and high automatic level, especially, it is suitable for producing rubber model products with metallic insert, complex shape, big cross-section and thick-wall. , these products' process is complex and more difficult to form. Among them "the multi-purpose rubber transfer type molding machine (semiautomatic rubber injection molding machine) based on the frequency conversion technology" was established as National Science and Technology Ministry innovation fund project of technology type medium and small enterprises
1. Clamping cylinder clamps mould first, then injection cylinder press rubber material into mould cavity uniformly. Few fin, precision geometric size, physical mechanical performances are uniform and stable.
2. It uses the original imported high pressure pump, and middle and high pressure vane pump combination, proportional pressure & flow composite valve controls, oil circuit (hydraulic system) configuration is advanced, reasonable and reliable, with low noise and low energy consumption.
3. The floating platen raises rapidly, clamps slowly, declines rapidly, production efficiency is improved and the mould is protected
4. It uses automatic in-out mould and ejection mechanism, reduces labor intensity and avoids the artificial damage to mould
5. The hydraulic cylinder uses patent technology of "cylinder composite sealing device" (patent nu. ZL03220060.3) which is with independent intellectual property rights, with reliable seal and long service life
6. The oil tank adopts the patent technology of "turn board structure open tank"(patent nu. ZL200620105181.5) , it saves time and effort for maintenance , more human-friendly.
7. The electric system adopts full computer control , it is convenient for operation
8It has two working mode of point moving and semi automation. Preparing material is simple, fast. Production efficiency is high.
9Users can choose PLC control and 5.7-inch touch-control screen imported from Siemens or Mitsubishi
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