Sell Transformer, AC/DC Adapter

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General Features
Designed according to customer`s requirements
Meeting the safety decree of different countries
Input voltage meeting the requirements of different countries, ranging from 100VAC to 240 VAC.
EI series (EI-28, EI-35, EI-41, EI-48, EI-57, EI-66, EI-76, EI-86,
EI-96, EI-105, EI-114) power transformer provide the power supply to computer, electric tool , sound and communication equipment, lamps and lanterns , air condition, refrigerator, Automatic selling machine etc. It is important components for electronic equipment and wireless equipment, the power is from 0.15W to 1500W, The transformer core is made of high quality silicon laminated steel. All products are 100% test passed safety test, and features clean, tidy, easy to install.

Safety Test (Normal Condition)
Insulation Resistance Test
Applied over primary to secondary winding with Ohm value minimum meet different safety requirement.
Over primary to secondary winding applying AC(1000-4200V, according to different products) ; Insulation won`t be punctured proper seconds; Leakage current could be controlled to proper mA value (Final Inspection of the Production) .
Temperature Test (Normal Condition)
The temperature rise of winding measured is suitable for different safety approvals, maximum at rated universal input, with secondary rated Current at ambient temperature.
Brand Name
hskpower or OEM
Condition of Goods
as your request