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We produce various low voltage dry type iron core transformers:
1. Isolation transformer
Used for safety isolation, lower leakage current, power conditioner for
eliminating 3rd harmonic wave and common mode interference suppression.
2. Coupling transformer
Applied for Active compensation of harmonic currents as output coupling to
3. Frequency variable and voltage variable VFVV inverter output transformer
(40~600Hz) (0~400V) . Used as output transformer for UPS, EPS. It has leakage
inductance(1~5mH) as filter choke for 10~20KHz, and isolation output for
4. Buck & Boost transformer (two coils type)
Used for power voltage increase or decrease, and has isolation.
5. Auto-transformer (one coil tap)
Used for power voltage increase or decrease. It is more energy saving than(4)
but has no isolation.
6. Voltage regulator (one coil with contactor)
With patented wire drive and roller brush, it has long life and wide range voltage
variable easy to control and maintenance, high efficiency with no wave and
distortion. Combined with controller it can be integrated in Automatic Voltage
Regulator(AVR) .
7. Special transformer
7.1 Constant Voltage Transformer(CVT)
See detailed description later
7.2 Vector transformer
Applying the phase vector of the transformer, it is three phase input with one
phase line voltage output or one phase Y-voltage output.
7.3 Inductance variable transformer
It is need for continuously reactive power compensation.
7.4 Shifter transformer
The phase angle of output three phase can variable shift from input.

The specifications of the transformers as input and output, capacity, voltage, current, frequency(40~650Hz) , temperature rise, insulation class and noise and so on can be custom designed.

 There are air flows between coils layer to layer and between coil to core, thus
heat escapes quickly, and temperature rises lower.
 There are no flammable insulating material on the coil surface and between coil
layer and layer to avoid the fire hidden danger.
 Small volume, light weight and good workmanship.
 After vacuum pressure impregnating, the whole transformer is moisture proof
and mildew proof.
 Insulation class F or H.
 Lower audio-noise.
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