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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as specialized in design & develop various types of Low Tension Transformers & Inductors (Chokes) as per customer's specification in F, H & C class of insulation.

We have successfully designed, developed, manufactured, tested & supplied so many Transformers, inductors & other products of various ratings and they are in successful operation. We have supplied our products mainly to OEMs as well as to user / industries in applications like Textile, Plastic, Continuous process, Foundry, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Public Transportation Sy. Etc. We established ourselves to meet the needs of industries for quality products.

We are very happy to inform you that we have executed order of Transformers for export to USA & also further development is under progress to supply inductors for USA in Aviation application.

we design, develop and manufacture the products depending on specifications furnished by customer for their application.

we develop and manufacture the products based on customers design if same is furnished by them.

we manufacture the products based on customers drawing if same is furnished by them.

we design and develop import substitute products based on study of specification, drawing, application and sample with suitable modifications without affecting the end applications in Indian Environment.
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