Sell Transfusion Pump For Single Use

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The pump is used for minim transfusion that can control velocity of flow and safe minimal flux. It has simple controls and easily operated. It is a sterile, disposable administration set. The clinician may select different type which include, basal rate only, basal rate with PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) bolus
- Handy, lightweight and with high performance
- Flexible in use
- Easy handling and operating
- higher patient safety
- Waterproof
- the tubing is difficult to break
- the fluid can flow freely when pressed
- standard luer connector
Applicable range:
Postoperative abirritation ; malignancy abirritation; gynecological abirritation;
advanced antibiotic transfusion
Quality guarantees
This product is made of macromolecule material, high accuracy, match the GMP request, pass the ISO9001 and EN46001 quality standard. The products pass the strict examination before entering the market
Selection of types and specification->
Maximum volume Basal rate PCA bolus/ PCA blockout time
100ml 1ml/h
100ml 2ml/h
100ml(PCA) 1ml/h 0.5ml/15min
100ml(PCA) 2ml/h 0.5ml/15min
200ml(PCA) 2ml/h 0.5ml/15min

0.2 micron Filter (air filter)
1.2 micron Filte (particulate filter)
accuracy: 110% (infusion of saline under 300)
- Do not use if the outer package is torn, punctured or damaged.
- Do not touch sterile open end of the tubing. Use aseptic technique.
- Remove all air from solution container and tubing before use.
- Be sure all connections are secure before starting therapy and check fluid path for leaks.
- Use only once.
- Do not put more than maximum volume into the ball capsule.
- Sticky and greasy fluid should not be infused with this pump