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This incredible new product is adopted with 3- D sound coding technology, which maintains the hi-fi effects of MP3, MD, CD and TV. It has been developed from frequency phaselock loop technology, which ensures stable frequency radiation while functioning at a distance of up 30 Mt with no dead areas. It operates thorough youautomobile audio sounding equipment so that you can still enjoy HI-Fi music.

Electronic Characteristics:
1. FM Radiation Section
2. Operating Distance: up to 30meters
3. Separation Degree from right and left: 70DB
4. Working Current: 50mA?0mA
5. Input Frequency: 20~18KHz
6. Output Frequency: 107.7?.5MHz (We also can meet your specific requirement. )

How to use it:
1. Simply plug the unit into the cigarette lighter in your car, then connect the earphone socket and adjust the volume to the middle value position.
2. Start the car radio and set the frequency to FM107.7? 0.5MHz (or set the radio to search the frequency) and then adjust the volume as you like
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