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PET-TFL--Transparent PET Film S/A
Base film:100um PET
coat weight:12-14gsm
total thickness:230um
Glue:permanent pressure sensitive adhesive
Release paper:35um PET
compatible ink:dye
compatible printer:all printers, except EPSON
Application:ideal for posters, billboard, KT board, roll ups, light boxes, and others
PET Film Series:((18 kinds) For Dye Ink
Backlit Film-(3 kinds)
Transparent PET Fim-(1 kind)
Transparent PET Film Self Adhesive-(1 kind)
For Dye/Pigment
Front Printing Backlit Film (waterproof) - (3 kinds)
White PET (waterproof) -(2 kinds)
White PET (waterproof and grey backing) -(2 kinds)
Self Adhesive Front Printing Backlit Film (waterproof) -(1 kind)
For Eco-Solvent
Front Priting Backlit Film-(1 kind)
Transparent PET Film-(1 kind)
Transparent PET Film Self Adhensive- (2 kinds)
White PET for Eco-solvent-(1 kind)
BF-75, BF-03, BF-125, BF-TF, BF-TFL, WP-100PET, WP-125PET, WP-180PET, WP-125PET-W, WP-125PET-G, WP-180PET-W, WP-180PET-G, WP-100PETL, MS-180PETM-W. Pls email me to get more details.
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