Sell Transparent mask Machine(150)

Transparent mask Machine(150) You May Also Be Interested In: transparent mask
Package dimension(mm) lenth:30~136,


The machine has mqny excellent characters while its function is quickly and firmed perfectly, products with the mask will be protect from fake, damp, dust and so on. This machine is ability to auto file, bind, fold, heat-seal, count, and stick seal off tie line. The machine is structured tightly, operated easily and available to different kinds of products with changing a few fittings. It is suitable to various small standards and ultrathin products, such as eraser, disk(3.5 inches, pocker, cigarette, cass-ette, battery and so on. )
This machine is widely applied to three-dimensionally package all small single square products with the transparent mask such as stationery, daily use article, healthy products, foods, medicine, and so on.