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Transparent soap is a natural transparent soap for gently cleansing facial skin. It contains Glycolic acid (AHA) and Mixed fruit acid that helps to exfoliate dead surface skin cell. Reduce dark spot then reveal your bright and clear skin. In addition, its glycerin composition helps to increase moisture to your facial skin

1) BJ_AR1 AHA Honey Soap
AHA honey soap is AHA translucent soap that helps to adjust your skin condition, gently sweep away dead cells without any irritation, reduce age wrinkle and reveal your brand-new bright, clear and healthy skin as well as bring moisture back to your skin.

90 g
2) BJ_ST1 Honey Translucent Soap
Honey translucent soap is rich tamarind extract soap, it helps to sweep away dead skin cells while nourish new skin cells. Its natural AHA improves your skin condition to clearer, softer and smoother. In addition, it removes dirt and excess oil from your skin.
90 g
3) BJ_ST2 Peach Translucent Soap
Peach Translucent Soap is rich of peach extract, it provide pink healthy-looking for your skin as well as boost your dry skin into fresh and clear skin.

90 g
4) BJ_ST3 Mineral Translucent Soap
Mineral Translucent Soap contains many advantage element for recondition your skin into balance, clear and young skin, reduce inflammation from acne and blemish as well as adjust your skin color, naturally reduce the appearance of post-acne marks

90 g
5) BJ_ST4 Orange Translucent Soap
Orange Translucent Soap is rich of orange peel oil. It helps to recondition dry skin and promoting the return of clear and soft skin. In addition, it also has firming and anti-cellulite effects
90 g
6) BJ_ST5 Cucumber Translucent Soap
Cucumber Translucent Soap contains cucumber extract which thoroughly cleanses and refreshes skin by return natural moisturizer to it. Furthermore, vitamin E provides your skin to look younger.

90 g
7) BJ_ST6 Black sesame Translucent Soap
Black sesame Translucent Soap contains black sesame which is the source of protein, calcium and vitamin B3. It helps to nourish and modified weaken cell into healthy cell naturally.

90 g

Brand Name
BJ Natural Care
Supply Capacity
100,000/ Month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1,000 Units
Terms of Sale
FOB Bangkok Port
90 g.