Sell Traumatic Injury Paster (Oriental Herbal Medicine Sheet)

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Main Ingredient: mastic, myrrh, clematis sinensis, phrymarolin, dragon's blood , momordica cochinchinensis, etc, making materials and carrier materials.
Product Function: it can stimulate the circulation of the blood, disperse blood stasis, connect the muscle and bone , warm the meridian, relieve swelling, promote vital energy and alleviate the pain.
Indication: it's fit for injury swelling and pain of the old broken part, etc.
Usage: external use . Wash and dry the affected part, take off the isolator and stick the paper to the affected part closely. If it is fracture, use after the bone is set. Stick every piece for 18-36 hours, and change new paper after taking off for 1-2hours . For light patient, stick 16-40 papers continuously.