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MD3010 is kind of digital aptitude underground metal detector.

It adopts advanced original Fujitsu 32CPU as uppermost circuit to deal with transfering digital signal.

It has obvious characters of discernment and high accuracy, make the object detected immediately display on the LCD screen with visual image so that we can detector different kind of metal by adjusting its sound and the categories of metal being detector. It is very simple for us to operate this kind of metal detector, just as operate a mobile phone. Underground metal detector MD3010 mainly being used in detecting underground metal. It not only being used in military field, but also widely being used in security inspection, mine, treasure, detecting ancient relic, detecting metal on the lawn. In addition, MD-3010 underground metal detector specially being used in detecting metal objects (Gold or silver ornaments, all kinds of coins ) in the desert.

Main technic parameter:
1, There are three operating mode: omnipotent metal mode, disk mode, and sign mode.
2, LCD showing the depth and the catergory of metal.
3, Sensitivity :>10cm
4, Distinguishing the catergory of metal by three different kind of sound.
5, it only consume little power.
6, Frequency:6.6KHz
7, Adjustable S pole and hand hold tray
8, Waterproof exploring tray with 8inch.
9, Two pieces of batteries with 9v
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