Sell Treatment Shampoo Against Hair Losing

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Product Specification:

It adopts new technologies and extracts various hair-loss preventive plant essences like tuber of multi-flower knotweed, golden hair protection fruit etc. Easy to absorb for the hair, promote the tiny circulation of blood of head skin, strengthen the vitality of hair follicle, to attain the result of hair loss protection. Insist on using half a year to one year, can make your hair dense and shiny.


All kinds of public of hair loss and hair protection, especially for the people of early or medium stage of hair loss.


Wet hair, spill right amount of shampoo on hair, gentle rub the hair 2~3 minutes and then clean with the water. Accompany with the Pliancy Essence, the result will be better.


External used only, in case touch eyes, please clean the eyes with water immediately.
1) Consists of hair loss protective plant ingredients and promotes blood
circulation to remove blood stasis
2) Enhances the blood flow rate of your scalp's capillaries
3) Improves mini-circulation of follicular tissue
4) Increases nutrient delivery to follicle, thus helping to prevent baldness
5) Non-toxic, non-harmful and free of side effects
6) Using period: 6 months to 1 year
7) Volume: 200ml x 30