Sell Treatment Shampoo for Hair Growth

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1) The product is strict with clinic valid through national health department.

2) Made of handpick nature plants.

3) Through clinic experiment testify, the product has the plant of grown-up hair nourishment essence can promote scurf the blood circle, to tone up hair follicle flourishing, to renew hair grow-up, your hair is thickness, darkness, boostingup elasticity.

4) Mainly Ingredient: ginseng, angelica, curcuma etc.

5) Applicability: people have seborrheic dermatitis losing hair or universality.

6) Usage: Wet hair, spill right amount of shampoo on hair, gentle rub the hair 2~3 minutes and then clean with the water. Accompany with the Pliancy Essence, the result will be better.

7) Notices: External used only, in case touch eyes, please clean the eyes with water immediately.

8) Having natural nourish ingredient, deeply moisten hair root follicle and skin.

of head, renovating scurf grow-up period time, atrophic hair follicle cells arerecovered, it is better effect if using shampoo grow-up essence with it together.

9) Non-toxic, non-harmful and free of side effects.
10) Using period: 6 months to 1 year.

11) Volume: 200ml x 30.