Sell Trehalose

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Trehalose is a naturally occurring disaccharide that wildly exists in animals, plants, microorganism and so on. And it is a non-reducing sugar which consists special double sugar molecules, so can form special protective membrane above the cell under the bad conditions of hyperthermia, high-coldness, dehydrating et al, which can protect organism molecules structure from being destroyed then continue the life body and the organic specialty. However, the other sugar in nature, such as sucrose and glucose, can not have the property. So it is rather suitable that trehalose was considered asSugar of Life. Because endogenous trehalose of most life bodies known in nature is few, the protective efficiency is very obvious. Therefore, the application of exogenous trehalose become more important under the many areas related modern biotechnology. Applying present the most advanced bioengineering and producing process, we firstly produce trehalose in batch-bulk with the material of cassava starch, using the whole facilities built in international pharmaceuticals standard. The product reaches the level of the international similar products. For its special physics and properties, trehalose can be wildly used in foodproducts, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and agricultural science and various lines.