Sell Tri-Phase 4(3) Line Prepaid Energy Meter (DT(S) SY96)

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DTSY96 is used for measuring tri-phase 4-line active power, and DSSY96 is used for measuring of tri-phase 3-line active power. It adopts advanced IC card techniques, the user buy electric power and transmit the data of purchased amount into the meter to use power; One-household with one meter and one card, to use power by card, It can prepay for electric power, automatically meter-reading, and prevent power-stealing. When the purchased power is used up, it will power cut automatically. Meanwhile, the information of the user is managed by the computer, computer can check, sum up the data and charge fees and print bills as needed.

DTSY96 Tri-phase 4-line Electronic Model Prepayment Watt-hour Meter and DSSY96 Tri-phase- 3-line Electronic Model Prepayment Watt-hour Meter is electronic equipment which adopt special electric measuring chips and micro-computers as the key parts, which are installed in places of power supply is 50Hz 3 mutiply 220/380V. The technical parameters meet the requirement of GB/T18460. It adopts domestic most advanced IC card and SMT technology, with double displays, accurate measurement, great stability, perfect security, reliable performance, low energy consumption and is easy to operate.

Main functions:
1. Prepayment: It will automatically power cut when the purchased power amount is used up.
2. The way of power cut: By electric power control switch.
3. Memory: Data in the meter can be stored for 10 years when there is no power.
4. Display: Double display, the mechanical wheel displayer records the accumulated quantity of electric power, LED displayer shows the remaining power quantity and other information.
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