Sell TriE-Smart Data Logger

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Portable Data Logger, with high performance price ratio

2000mAh battery pack
150-day standdby
12-bit resolution, 30k sampling rate
To save experimental data up to 300
TFT buttons against splashes
Transfer by Bluetooth
 Built-in Temperature Sensor
 High-speed USB port

No. Item Specification
1 Screen LCD
128W64 Resolution
3 Inches
2 Power Supply A 12V Power Supply Unit
USB Power Supply
A Rechargeable 2000nAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack
>=150-day Standby
3 Sample 12bit Sampling Resolution
30K Sampling Rate
4 Port USB2.0
8 Analog Ports
4 Digital Ports
2 Output Ports
5 Storage RAM 4 Mb
6 Data Transfer USB
7 Built-in Sensor Built-in Temperature Sensor
8 Button TFT Buttons against Splashes
9 Size 166W116W43 mm
10 weight 378g