Sell Triangle  Metal Domes&Metal snap dome&Metal tactile dome

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4-12mm Gold , Silver or nickel Plated triangle Snap Domes, trip force 180-450g

Contact Configuration: SPST, Normally Open
Material: SSTL
Plating: Nickel/Silver/Gold optional
Switching voltage: .1 to 50 VDC
Switching capacity: 1 Watt
Switching current: .005 to 100 ma DC
Contact Resistance: <100 ohms
with gold or silver plating: <1 ohm
Breakdown Voltage: Over 200 volts
Trip Force: To your spec: +/- 30 grams typical
Contact Bounce (on) : <.3ms
Contact Bounce (off) : <6ms
Operating Temperature: -45 degrees C to 100 degrees C
Storage Temperature: -55 degreesC to 100 degrees C
Humidity: 0-97% (no condensation)
Contact life: Exceeds1 million cycles