Sell Triaxial Test Set

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It is used to determine the strength and deformation
Characteristics of the soil specimen.
It can perform unconsolidated-undrained shear test (UU) ,
Consolidated-unstrained shear test (CU) and consolidated-drained shear test (CD) .
Dimension of the soil sample: 39.1X80mm, 61.1X80
Maximum loading capacity: 30KN,
Speed range(mm/min) : 0.003\0.006\0.008\0.012\0.020\0.030\0.040\0.050\0.060\0.070\0.080\0.090\0.100\0.2000.300\0.400\0.500\0.600\0.700\0.800\0.900\1.000
Platen travel: 50mm
Max. Confining pressure: 2.5Mpa
Max. Back pressure: 1Mpa
Pore water pressure: 0~2Mpa
Volume change range: 0~50ml
Min. Division: 0.1ml
Axial displacement measure range: (Dial gauge)0~30mm