Sell Tribasic lead sulfate

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White powder, toxic, sweet, specific density 7.10, insoluble in water, soluble in nitric acid, soluble in chlorhydric acid, ammonium acetate and sodium acetate when heated. It loses crystal water and turns yellow at 135 0 , it turns yellow in sunlight, especially in wet condition.

It is mainly used as stabilizer for non-transparent or translucent PVC products.
Package with braided bag in outside, PE bag in insider lining, 25kg weight.
Matters need attentions on storage and transportation
The product belongs to inorganic toxic products, and its number of Dangerous Goods Regulations is 83028. It should be kept in dryeration storage room. It must not be transported together with use-value commodities.

Brand Name
Jing Xin
Supply Capacity
2500 tons per year