Sell Tribenuron-methyl

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Molecular Formula:C15H17N5O6S
Molecular Weight:395.4
CAS No. : 101200-48-0

Description: white solid , Melting point 141Celsius system, Steam pressure 0.036mpa(25Celsius system) , Density1.5(25Celsius system) . Solubility (mg/L,20Celsius system) water 28(Ph4) , 50(Ph5) , 280(Ph6) , acetone 43.8, acetonitrile 54.2, methanol 3.39mg/L, ethane 0.028mg/L, carbon tetrachloride3.12mg/L.

Usage: The product is a herbicide of sulfonylurea, it is the inhibitor for synthesizing side chain amino acid, it inhibits the synthesis of acetolactic acid, hinders the cell division, inhibits the growth of bud tips a roots. When the root and the leaves of plant absorbed the chemicals, the plant will die within 14d.

Specifications: 95%TC, 75%WG
Package: 25KG cardboard drum