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Product Name:Tribulus Terrestris Extract
Botanical Name:Tribulus terristris L.
Part Used:Fruit
Active Ingredient:Saponins
Tribulus Terrestris Extract is used in the treatment of urinary disorders and impotence, kidney disease and gravel, disease of the genitor-urinary system, calculus affections, gout etc. It is also useful for uterine disorders, diseases of the heart, and many other conditions. Ayurveda practitioners consider this herb tobe very valuable in improving vitality. It revitalizes the emaciated human system. It strengthens the postpartum woman. It is being studied as a potential herbal remedy against AIDS. Products containing tribulus are typically marketed to bodybuilder and athletes concerned with increasing muscle mass and strength. Although such products are typically combinations of ingredients that include tribulus, rather than tribulus alone, the scientific evidence for product effectiveness is typically lacking. At this time, Supplement watch does not view tribulus extract ( on its own) as a valuable dietary supplement for muscle building. As a support ingredient contained in a wider supplement blend, tribulus may provide some benefits to those individuals interested in maintaining testosterone levels in the normal range (overtrained athletes and dieters) .
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20ton per month
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