Sell Tricyclic reducer

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Tricyclic reducer is an advanced mechanical transmission, it can be broadly applied to mining, metallurgy, oil, chemicals, rubber and plastics, engineering, lifting transport, light industry and many other fields, the general alternative planetary gear reducer, cycloidal gear reducer needle, multi-level and Worm Gear Reducers by speed and use.
Tricyclic reducer features:
One, carrying capability and long service life 9-2000-18 on the meshing teeth at the same time, overload can withstand 2.7 times the output torque of 469KN. m.
Two transmission ratio, grade-intensive, single-stage 7.5-99, dual-class of 11,000, about 1.1 times the difference.
3, smooth operation, less than 78dB noise, vibration amplitude is less than 0.025MM.
4, high efficiency, single-stage to 92-96%.
5, compact structure, small size, light weight, than regular spur gear reducer small 2 / 3.
6, the Assembly and Disassembly and maintenance convenience, parallel axis, vulnerability of small, easily replaced without special materials and heat treatment.
7, broad applicability, made of horizontal, vertical, flange connection, the structure and composition of transmission can be configured for special equipment drive, a multi-shaft end for multi-motor driven or synchronous transmission control device, assembly type and numerous derivative series