Sell Trivision / Three Message  Signs

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Three message sign offering 2 choices for the advertisor.

Split Prisms:
For intermediate to short-term advertising, or when the three sides are to be decorated at different times. To decorate one side of the prisms, simply remove one face of blades and take them into your workshop. In the meantime, show the other two faces without showing the one being re-decorated. To put the blades back into the sign, slide and snap them in by means of clips. Thanks to the slide/snap-in effect, the blades are easily changed by one serviceman from a catwalk, as well as safely secured into place without using any force.

Solid Prisms:
For long-term advertising, or when all three sides are to be decorated at the same time. When decorating one side of the prisms, remove each prism from the sign. Another option is to apply graphics directly onto the sign and cut material between the prisms afterwards.