Sell Trough vibratory finishing machine

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Supply tub vibratory finishing machines at good price from China.
Additional Description Trough vibratory finishing machine is Suitable for processing medium and large sized delicate components with complex profile for deburring, charmferring, polishing, cleaning, burnishing, brightening, smoothing all kinds of metal, plastic and ceramic workparts.

The delicate components can be processed individually in separate processing chamber separated by dividers to prevent part-on-part impact.

Trough vibratory finishing machine is also widely used for process marble stone to achieve antique appearance.

Product Feature
Driven by two vibratory motors, one each at the end of tub
Tub can be divided into separate processing chambers by dividers
Tub is lined wear resistant polyurethane for longer worklife.

Model, Capacity(L) , Dimension(mm) , Interior Dimension(mm) , Power(kw) , Weight(kg)

XZG100, 100L, 1800x700x800mm, 660x400x460mm, 2x1.1kw,600kg

XZG240,240, 1880x880x920mm, 690x524x625mm, 2x1.1kw,800kg

XZG500,500L, 2850x830x1140mm, 1510x565x600mm, 2x2.2kw, 1200kg

XZG700, 700L, 3000x970x1080mm, 2220x750x650mm, 2x4.0kw, 1500kg

XZG1200, 1200L, 3000x1050x1100mm, 2000x750x854mm, 2x5.5kw,2100kg

XZG1800, 1800L, 3500x1200x1300mm, 2020x950x1100mm, 2x7.0kw, 2800kg

XZG2500,2500L, 3800x1621x1450mm, 1760x1350x1210mm, 2x15kw,2960kg

XZG2800, 2800L, 3600x1830x1740mm, 1510x1580x1370mm,2x15kw, 4000kg
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21 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set