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Name: Truck Using TPMS
Model: TPMS-P106

Product Introducation:

Fit for any wheels model; Sensor Installed out of the valve, users can even install it by yourself; Pump directly without removing sensors; Working normally under bad environment
1) Can help you drive with enhanced vehicle safety on the road, and with less worry
of flat tires and blowout
2) With intellectualized initializers
3) The product automatically monitors your vehicle tires, and will immediately alert you
of abnormal tire pressure and/or temperature, thereby providing timely warnings to
you to take correct actions
4) In addition, Topchek's digital display makes tire pressure maintenance easy, and
you no longer need to manually check tires with a pressure gauge
5) Consequently, your tires can be easily kept in an optimal operating condition. The
resulting benefits are obvious: reduced uneven tire wear, reduced severe tire
damages, reduced air loss related tire failures, increased tire using life, improved
fuel efficiency, improved vehicle braking and handling