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Product serial number: 4222137816
Name: TLZ-150B Truck mounted drilling rig
specification: TLZ-150B
Product category: Piling Machinery

Product characteristic
TLZ-150B model works with four-wheel-drive rig military action paoche chassis, self-propelled, is characterized by stable base, walking ability, in the muddy construction site can be freely operation, equipped with generators, to achieve diesel engine, generator hybrid alternately drilling operations, the aircraft is equipped with a spacious working platform can be loaded rig parts, easy to convert the construction, the rig rotary table torque, simple structure, easy maintenance, construction, fast, rotary drilling diameter of 800mm-1800mm, it deeply welcome by domestic and foreign customers.
Main drive drilling rig, Gear box, Winch Group, Sludge pump, Gravel pump, Boring tower, Generators
Main use
Apply to industrial, agricultural, drilling deep wells, building foundation, bridge foundation, oil casing, high-voltage lines piles, wind power at the end of piles, geology mines, ports, dams and other types of foundation excavation.
Technical parameter
The main parameters
Drilling depth 80m-100m
Drilling diameter 500mm-1800mm
Speed of Spindle 12 r/min
Power of Spindle 11kW
torque of Spindle 10kN. m
Hoisting capacity 1.6t
Wire Rope Specifications h122*6*37
Hole diameter 150mm
Bearing capacity of mast 150kn
Mud pump Flux 180 Cubic meters per hour
Power 15kw
Mating Power Diesel generator Power 50kw
Total Weight 8.7t
Working size L7144mm*B2700mm*H8315mm
Transportation size L7460mm*B2300mm*H3060mm
The effective height of mast 6800mm
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200 units per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
28 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 units
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