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Sinozyme have 13 experience in producing biochemical enzymes and is the largest manufacturer and exporter in China, our products all conform to the USP, CP, BP, NF standard, just as below:

Trypsin 2500USP units/mg

Detailed Product Description

Resource: porcine or bovine pancreas

General introduction: trypsin is a proteolytic enzyme. It can hydrolyze the positive
charge side linking that containing lysine and arginine. The best effective condition is PH 8.0. It can be restrained by natural inhibitor. Ca2+ can reduce the speed of Trypsin autolysis and also enhance the activity of trypsinogen

Function: trypsin is used to cure part dropsy, haematoma and abscess, which caused
by pus-chest, hemothorax, surgical inflammation, canker, traumatic injuries. It also can be used to cure respiratory diseases by spray absorbance

General introduction of production: the high purity trypsin is extracted from porcine
or bovine pancreas and it is further purified by ultra filtration in order to avoid
being polluted by impurities

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