Sell Tube Fittings

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We have a wide range of Tube Fittings in plastic, aluminium and iron, range includes all types of T5/T8/T10/Round Mirrolta etc. .

The above mentioned Fittings are available in various type of attractive colors in all standardised sizes like 2ft and 4 ft.

These are available with and/or without electronic ballast.

Also available are the components for fittings like side holders, connecting wires and Cover caps etc.

In addition to above we manufacture cabinets for electronic ballasts in various shapes and sizes.

We also manufacture connectors used in electronic ballasts made of brass. These connectors are available in white, grey and black color.

Complete chokes are also available.
Brand Name
Available Colors
all possible colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days
Minimum Order Quantity