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J. J.  high pressure steel fittings are manufactured to DIN 2353 specification and ISO 8434  1 for ease of Interchangeability. These fittings are available for different pressure rating from 100Bar to 630Bar

Type : Flare less Bite Type (Single Ferrule)
Weld Nipple Type
Standard : DIN 2353 / ISO 8434 - 1
Series : LL (Very Light)
L (Light)
S (Heavy)
Size : 4mm to 42mm
1/8OD to 2OD
1/8NB to 2NB
Pressure : Ranging from 100Bar to 630Bar depending on type and size
Material : Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass (From extruded bar or forging)
Surface Treatment : Steel  Zinc Coated (A3C) or Phospatised, Trivalent
Stainless Steel  Electro polished, Nut Silver Plated to avoid
Brass  Natural

J. J.  Single Ferrule Fitting is a three piece design consisting of a body portion, a coupling nut and a ferrule. During the assembly the nut is progressively tightened causing hardened ferrule to slide along the inner conical seat of the body and grip the tube. Tightening the nut, ring deforms due to 24 degree cone of fittings and bites into the steel tube, producing deep cut on the tube. The cut is visible on the outer diameter of the tube. This cut on the tube acts as metallic interlock and makes the joint leak proof at high pressure and under vibration