Sell Tube Sockets--4 Pin

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Type Specification Price(USD/pcs)

GZC4-1 Attach to 300B/2A3/811 0.45

GZC4-C Attach to 300B/211 0.55

300BR Attach to 811/300B 0.50

845-R Attach to 805/ 845 3.00

811R Attach to 811/300B 0.75

GZC4-1B Attach to 300B/2A3/811 3.50

GZC4-3B Attach to 805/845/211 4.00

GZC4-2B Attach to 304TL/304TH 2.60

GZC4-2 Attach to 811/300B 0.60
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