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Tubular centrifuge type GF 105 is high speed centrifuge which can realise liquid-liquid separation with very slight solid content, such as for blood separation, clarification of oil and so on.


GF type is used for separating various emulsions. Especially for liquid-liquid separation with slight gravity difference and liquid-liquid-solid separation with a little foreign matters such as transformer oil turbine oil, lubricant, fuel oil, dye fat, saponification and various micro power and purifying liquid, separating various oral liquid and medical liquid and plasma and biologic medicine, extracting plasma from animal's blood. Refining phosphate of bean etc. And treating sewage and separating oil and water.


This kind of separator is consisted of main body, driving device, bowl, collecting pan and liquid-in bearing seats. The upper part of the bowl is flexible mainshaft and the lower part of the bowl is damp floating bearing. The mainshaft connected with a driven wheel by the buffer coupling seat, power transmitted by the motor to the drive wheel through the transmission belt and the tensioner to make the bowl rotate around its own axis at a high speed therefore it forms a strong centrifugal force field. The product sprays into the liquid inlet by the bottom liquid inlet; Liquid is forced by centrifuge force to flow upward along the inner wall of the bowl and then is separated into different layers according to different density.

The main body is made of cast iron and parts contact with the material are made of stainless steel. It is simple in structure and its whole body can be easy to be cleanned which can meet GMP Standard.

Parameter of GF 105
Inner diameter of bowl: 105 mm
Solid holding capacity of the bowl: 5.5 litres
Speed: 16000 R/MIN
Centrifugal force: 15025 x G
Thoughput: 1200 litre per hour ( based on water)
Motor: 3 phase 2.2 KW
Size: 800x700x1400 mm
Weight: 400 KG

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