Sell Tubular Centrifuge (GQ 105)

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Tubular centrifuge GQ 105 is super speed centrifuge which can realise clarification of liquid with very slight solid content.

The main body is made of cast iron and the parts contact with the liquid is made of stainless steel, which can meet GMP standard.

GQ type is used for separation of various suspension which is difficult to be separated especially for the separation of solid-liquid suspension which has low concentration, small granularity and very small difference of solid-liquid gravity such as clarification of various oral liquid, dislodgement of coal tar and graphite extraction of protein. Seaweed and jelly, refinement of molasses separation of blood and settlement of vaccine hyphen and various dextrose's and purifying paint dye various serine and rubber solution.

Parameter of GQ 105
Inner diameter of bowl: 105 mm
Solid holding capacity: 5.5 litres
Speed: 16000 RPM
Centrifugal force: 15025 x G
Thoughput: 1200 litres per hour
Motor: 2.2 KW
Size: 800x700x1400 mm
Weight: 400 kg