Sell Tubular Motor Controller For Awning Blind

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1. Frequency:433.92mhz
2. Input voltage:110v/60hz - 230v/50hz
3. Power consumption:0.5w
4. Single motor control or group control selectable, control up to 10 motors.
5. Upper/lower limit, up/down position fine-tune and rotation direction can be easily set by transmitter.
6. Automatic power cut-off protection when the rotation of motor is hindered.
7. Fuzzy logic design to ensure accurate limit setting. (less than 1mm tolerance after 3000 cycles. )
8. Can be used in tubular motor larger or equal to 35mm.
9. Max loading power:750w (can be changed according to customer requirement) .
Brand Name
Tubular Motor Controller For Awn
Power Requirements
Input voltage&3A110v/60hz - 230v