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 Tuftemb is a fashionable style in the embroidery area. The tuftemb product is a soft pile of threads standing side by side looking extremely erecting and straight up, feeling very much soft and tender and elastic, the dimensional result shows style and taste of the new fashion.
 Tuftemb is prepared on backside of the fabric which is different from normal embroidery; the embroidery head moves the yarn through the fabric by means of the needle. Well as the loop develops on the backside, it is not connected with the lower thread but cut by means of a cutter. In this way, two small "hairs" are developed by each cut with equal lengths. A layer of puffy-like foam material is however placed under the embroidery material for the temporary fixing of the threads.
 Mechanical side, firstly, the rotary hook base of the normal embroidery machine is replaced by a new special unit. This device cuts the loop developed when penetrating the fabric so that two loose ends emerge. They form the basis for the soft pile. secondly. As no bobbin thread is required for the Tuftemb process, the traditional thread take-up lever unit is not required. Furthermore, the upper thread monitor and the thread tension unit are modified, because the thread tension is very low in case of Tuftemb.
 Pile of the Tuftemb depends on the thickness of the "Puffy" - normally 2 to 5 mm.
 To do Tuftemb, the yarn consumption is significantly higher than in traditional embroidery. The normal stitch length of the Tuftemb is about 1 mm. The yarn consumption amounts to approximately 20mm. In normal embroidery, only 1.6 mm of yarn are required for the 1 mm stitch.
 To finish TUFTEMB sewing out, accompany with each TUFTEMB machine, shearing trimmer and an iron is facilitated. High-performance shearing machine and ironing machine also is available.
 Currently TUTFEMB mixed with flat embroidery heads up to 9 pairs are produced by RP.
 Up-to-date computer control system makes TUFTEMB the most easy and stable machine in the world.
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2000 sets
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50 days
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single phase 220V
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