Sell Tungsten Alloy Rings

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Tungsten heavy alloys: we sell include tungsten and its heavy metal alloys in rod, wire, sheet, plate and bar form. We also offer custom machining of these metals and their alloys. Typical parts include: ballast, golf club weights, crankshaft weights, balancing weight, aircraft bucking bars, X-ray shields, nuclear medical components, fishing sinkers&beads, cubes, balls, autocollimator, ect.

Tungsten carbides: plates, sheets, foils, strips, EDM blocks, rods, mining bits, cold heading dies, wire drawing dies, saw blades & tips, circular knives, mill rolls, balls, woodworking blades, indexable inserts, brazed tips, mechanical seals, glass&tile cutters, watchband accessories, ect.

Copper/silver tungsten alloys: we can provide all range of W(50) ~ W (90) series.