Sell Tungsten Carbide, cemented alloy

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Tungsten Carbide,
Product Name: Tungsten Carbide RodsModel Number: Grade:Co%-06,08,10Place of Origin: ChinaWe can supply quality solide tungsten carbide rods ground and unground
with metric or inch standards and made of original raw materials.
1) Cemented carbide grade
2) Several quality grades available
3) Carbon steel: tzp01, tzp10-1, tyt707, tzp30, tyt535, tyt5, tyt14, tyt15,
tyt758, tyt535, tzp35
4) Alloy steel: tyt726, tzp35, tzp10-1, tyw2a, tyt758, tzp20, tyt540, tyt14,
tyt15, tyt712, tyt798, tyt758, tyt535, tzp35
5) High alloy steel: tyt726, tzp35, tzp30, tyt535, tyt758, tyw1, tyw2, tyt707,
tyt767, tyt540, tyw2a, tyt798
6) Stainless steel: tyg813, tyg532, tzm546, tzm15, tyw2a, tyg643, tzm15, tyw1,
tyw2, tyg6a, tyt712 tyg813, tyg532, tyg546, tyg813
7) Refractory alloy: tyg813, tyg532, yzm10-1, tzm15, tyg643, tyg610, tzp10,
tzm30, tyw1, tyw2, tyg6a, tyg640 tzm30, tyg532, tyg546, tyg813
8) Aluminum alloy: tzp01, tyg643, tzk10-1 tyg6a, tzk10, tyg3x, tyg6x, tyg643,
yzk10, tyg6a
9) Cast iron: tzp35, tzm10, tyt535, tyt540, tyt767, tyw2, tzp20, tyt769, tyt5,
tyt14, tyt712, tyt535, tzm30, tyt767
10) Hard steel: tyt726, tyg610, tyt767, tyg600, tzk10, tzp10, tyg643, tyt758,
tyt712, tzm10-1 tyt767, tzm30, tyt798
11) Forged iron: tyg610, tzk10 tzp10-1, tzm15, tzk10-1 tyg6, tyg8 tyg6a, tyg8,
12) Alloy cast iron: tyg546, tzk10, tzm15 tyg6x, tyg6a, tzk20, tzk30, tyg8,
tyg532, tzk10-1 tyg640, tyg8, tzk30
13) Nodular cast iron: tyt540, tyg546, tzm15, tzk30, tzk40, tyg532, tyg610,
tzp10-1, tyg6a tzk30, tzk40, tyg813
14) Chilled cast iron: tyt540, tyg546, Tzk20 tyg813, tzm30, tzk30 tyg643,
tyg610, tzk10-1, tyg6a tzk20, tzk30
15) Hard plastic/hard rubber: tyg600, tyg610, tyg643 tyg6, tzk10-1, tyt726,
tzk10, tzk20, tyg643, tzk20
16) Thermal spraying materials: tyg610, tyt726, tyg600, tzk10, tyt758 tyg643,
tyt767, tzk10-1 tyg610, tyt726, tyt758