Sell Tungsten Carbide Circular Knives

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Carbide Circular Knives, it is mainly used for cutting off and slotting metal materials such as plain steel, chilled steel, copper and aluminum as well as difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloys and printed circuit board. Carbide Circular Knives, compared with the high speed steel metal saw, it can perform high speed milling, with a high machining efficiency, accurate slot milling and good surface finish. Since the carbide has a higher hardness and a better red-hardness, it is wear-resistant and of a long service life. At present, the solid carbide metal saw is one of the advanced cutting tools manufactured in China. If all of its advantages are brought to full play, making a comprehensive consideration of all factors, its cost of production is rather low. In recent years, the number of users who use it in stead of the high speed steel metal saw has been increasing rapidly.