Sell Tungsten Carbide Saw Tips

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Through years' efforts of producing high quality carbide saw tips, we've gained rich experience in grade researching, mold designing, automatic pressing, sinter-HIP, surface treating and quality control. Now our annual output is more than 300 tons, various saw tips have been widely recognized by the worldwide tool and saw makers, because of their reliable cutting performances, reasonable prices and considerate services. We are always doing best to help customers improve their competitiveness and profitability.
Our main types of saw tips (saw teeth) are recommended as below:
1. FUMA standard F1 saw tips -European style;
2. U. S. Standard saw tips-WA7000-WQ7000, CWB7000-CWG7000
3. Metal cutting and band saw tips.
The nonstandard saw tips like hollow tip, V top, Kodiak are also available upon your request.