Sell Tungsten-Copper Alloy Materials and Precision Parts

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1. W-Cu Composite Materials.
Tungsten-Copper Alloy Plates/ Rods/Parts
Tungsten-Copper Alloy materials characterized high thermal and electric conductivity and high-temperature oxidization-resistance, it is used widely in the high-tech fields of electron sealing, Integrated circuit, national defense military, aerospace, such as heat sink, electrodes, electrical contacts and so on.
Properties and Alloy
Type Density >
(g/cm3) Relative Density (%) Thermal
Conductivity (W/m-K) CTE (W10 /K) Electrical Conductivity >IACS % (HB) MPa > MN/m2
W-Cu40 13.15 99 255 10.1 55 1373
W-Cu30 14.25 99 247 9.0 48 1716
W-Cu25 14.90 99 235 8.5 42 1912
W-Cu20 15.65 99 221 7.6 40 2158
W-Cu15 16.38 99 198 7.1 36 2354
W-Cu10 17.22 99 191 6.3 32 2550

Various size of rod, plates, Tube can be provided!

2. W-Cu Precision Parts and Components.
Now have over 500 machines, advanced productions lines and labs, which includes: 100 Machine centers, 300 CNC lathes, 25 Double-disk grinders, 12 Wire-cutting machines, Automatic cleaning lines, Acid etching lines, Class 100 cleaning room, We are equipped with most advanced inspection instruments, such as 2D CMMs, 3D CMMs, Contour testers, Projectors Roundness testers, Optical flatness testers, Hole gages, Air gages and so on.

In view of above advanced we have, we can easily provide you the high quality and Precision W-Cu Composite Parts and Componets:
A. Electronic Application
Heat sinks and Spreaders, Microwave Carriers, Sealing Package Bass and housings, Ceramic Substrate Carrier, Laser Diode Mounts.
B. Electrodes Application
Electrical Contacts, Vacuum Contacts, Electrodes for Spark Erosion, Learders For Steel Rolling, Balance weight, Rocket Parts.
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